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We offer Powerful & Easy-to-use Software Products for Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, UtilityBill Management, BackOffice Management and Real Estate Management.

Our Ready-to-use Cloud-based software products provide complete business solutions which automate, integrate and unify all of the essential aspects of standard business processes within a domain. Integration of multiple business functions brings about enhanced clarity, understanding and standardization within the company and giving its users access to real-time business intelligence to make better decisions.

And these are Locally Developed Software Products, which cater the need of the local market, provide functionalities that boost performance of management & employees and enhance the ability of an organization in three basic areas:

  • better information management and resource planning
  • efficient management
  • integrated operational control

Our products & services allow our customers to maximize productivity, efficiency, and cost savings throughout their organizations. Just as we constantly update and improve our products & services, we want to continually evolve our company to be in the best position to accelerate new technologies as they emerge and to better serve our customers.


Cloud-based Software Products - developed using latest web technologies with Scalable & Secure Architecture

User-friendly yet Smart Interface with Drilldown Information Access (end-to-end tracking for each transaction )

Light Weight Software Applications - does not require extensive hardware or software to get your system up and running

Dynamic Application Design - easily and transparently scales up or down to meet your business size and geographic needs

Simple Configuration with Easy System Administration - no need for a special human resource to manage the solution

Process-oriented approach with powerful & dynamic workflows; help you to create Paperless Environment

Multi User with unmatched security - easy & flexible Application Level and Data Level Rights management for users

Active Directory / LDAP compliant (same login credentials as company’s netwrok) with Automatic Logout Option

Easy and flexible software licensing arrangements to best fit with your business and financial requirements

No third party software license requirement and no external Reporting or Business Intelligence Tool required

No End-User Computer Installation or Browser Dependency

Quality Support – feel like having a complete IT team

Economic software investment with high ROI

Continuous future enhancements with industry experience