e3Commerce Trademark List

Status: October 2016

Following is the list of e3Commerce trademarks and registered trademarks and the corresponding common-noun descriptors. This list is updated from time to time. Failure by e3Commerce to list a particular trademark (registered or unregistered) is not a waiver of any e3Commerce rights.


Software Products

  • IntelliERP
  • IntelliCRM
  • IntelliSCM
  • BackOffice Essentials
  • RealEstate Essentials
  • UtilityBill Essentials


Software Solutions

  • e3Commerce Business Partner Management
  • e3Commerce Financial Management
  • e3Commerce Procurement Management
  • e3Commerce Inventory Management
  • e3Commerce Fixed Asset Management
  • e3Commerce Expense Claim Management
  • e3Commerce Sales Management
  • e3Commerce Supply Chain Management
  • e3Commerce Real Estate Management
  • e3Commerce HR & Payroll Management
  • e3Commerce Leave & Attendence Management
  • e3Commerce Travel Management
  • e3Commerce Help Desk Management
  • e3Commerce Office Resource Management
  • e3Commerce Production Management
  • e3Commerce Pre-Sales Management
  • e3Commerce Project Management
  • e3Commerce Intranet Management
  • e3Commerce UtilityBill Management


Professional Training Course

  • e3Commerce Enterprise Resource Planning Course
  • e3Commerce Supply Chain Management Course
  • e3Commerce Web Application Development Course


Guidelines for using e3Commerce Trademarks

You must carefully consider e3Commerce's trademark usage guidelines when mentioning e3Commerce offerings in your materials or in connection with your own products or product names. You must always make a clear and unambiguous distinction between your own solutions, products, and/or services and the e3Commerce offerings mentioned.

e3Commerce accepts no responsibility for any violation of legal regulations regarding competition or trademarks by partners. In addition to these guidelines, country-specific regulations may apply.


Proper Use of Trademarks

Unregistered or pending trademarks bear the ™ symbol. Registered trademarks carry the ® symbol. A selection of e3Commerce trademarks, both registered and pending, as well as a selection of e3Commerce offering names, are listed in this guide. Please use these names and their symbols according to the guidelines that follow.

To ensure correct use of e3Commerce trademarks, follow these guidelines:

  • Always refer to a trademark using the correct spelling with the correct capitalization. Do not alter the trademark in any way.

    For example, it is incorrect to say "E3commerce® software" and "e3Commerce Intellierp™ platform". It is correct to say "e3Commerce® software" and "e3Commerce IntelliERP™ platform". See the trademark list for correct spelling and capitalization.

  • Always use a trademark as a proper adjective, not a noun.

    For example, it is incorrect to say "You can use e3Commerce to manage your enterprise". It is correct to say "You can use e3Commerce ® solutions to manage your enterprise".

  • Use a trademark as a proper adjective followed by a common noun descriptor.

    An example of a common-noun descriptor is "software". Examples of correct use are "e3Commerce ® software", "e3Commerce ® BackOffice Essentials™", and "e3Commerce IntellilERP™ platform". Always use an appropriate descriptor. See the trademark list for e3Commerce trademarks and appropriate descriptors.

  • Include the appropriate symbol – ™ or ® – representing the trademark status.

    If repeated inclusion of the ™ or ® symbol is awkward or impractical, at a minimum you must include the symbol and the common-noun descriptor upon the first use of the trademark in the title (if the name appears in the title) and also in the text. Subsequent to this initial use, the symbol and descriptor need not appear with the name. For example: "The e3Commerce IntelliERP™ platform is the open integration and application platform that enables change. e3Commerce IntelliERP helps companies manage their business properly".

  • The registered trademark on "e3Commerce" applies to all goods or services delivered by e3Commerce – anything you can obtain from e3Commerce.

    Therefore you say e3Commerce® software, e3Commerce® solution, e3Commerce® application, e3Commerce® offering, e3Commerce® tool, e3Commerce® technology, e3Commerce® services, and so on.

  • Do not use a trademark in possessive form.

    For example, it is incorrect to say " e3Commerce®'s software" or "e3Commerce®'s IntelliERP™ platform". It is correct to "e3Commerce® software" and "e3Commerce IntelliERP ™ platform".

  • Do not use a trademark in plural form.

    For example, it is incorrect to say "The company had three e3Commerce® IntelliERP™s". It is correct to say "The company had three systems running e3Commerce® IntelliERP™".

  • When referring to the e3Commerce corporate entity rather than the e3Commerce brand, trademark rules do not apply.

    That is, you do not use the ® symbol in statements such as "e3Commerce announced today", "e3Commerce provides solutions to customers", and "the e3Commerce development team". Similarly, you can use the possessive form "e3Commerce's" when referring to the company, not to the brand. For example, you may say "e3Commerce's vision" and "e3Commerce's years of experience". Self-test: Ask yourself, "Am I referring to the corporation, or to an e3Commerce-brand offering or service?" If you are referring to an e3Commerce brand offering or service, use the ® symbol.


Additional Trademark Usage Information For Third Parties

You may mention the names of e3Commerce offerings when describing their compatibility with your own programs or applications. But as an e3Commerce partner or other third party, you may not include the name "e3Commerce", a logo of e3Commerce, a trademark of e3Commerce, the name of an e3Commerce offering or similar variations into your own product or service name, company name, domain name, or any of your logos.

When referring to product compatibility, you must make a clear distinction between your products or services and those of e3Commerce. The name of your offering and the name of the e3Commerce offering must be clearly distinguished from one another either visually or by the wording. You can accomplish this goal in a variety of ways in running text and in headlines, signs, or other materials. Also, when referring to your product's compatibility with an e3Commerce offering, please mention your company name in addition to your product name.

When expressing compatibility, you must not allow your offering's name to appear to include an e3Commerce trademark.

Do not state or imply that your product is produced or authorized by e3Commerce. For example, do not represent your training programs as "authorized e3Commerce training". When you describe product compatibility, you may refer to an e3Commerce offering name but never solely to compatibility with "e3Commerce".