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Guidelines for Third Party Use of e3Commerce Materials Protected by Copyright

  • Introduction

    These Guidelines apply to all uses of e3Commerce’s materials that are protected by copyright (which among other things includes all text, images, software, documentation, screenshots, web sites, photographs, video footage, etc.) (“e3Commerce Materials”), in whatever media they may be used (including print media, online media, books, articles, audiovisual works, blogs, wikis, or any other format or medium).

    Third parties wishing to use e3Commerce materials that are protected by copyright must have e3Commerce’s permission to do so. In some situations described below, e3Commerce gives you that permission so long as you comply with the requirements stated. In others cases, you must obtain e3Commerce’s written consent. If you don’t already have a contract with e3Commerce that clearly gives you such rights, please contact e3Commerce to request such permission. Contact information is provided below.

  • Limited Situation where use is permitted without e3Commerce’s prior written permission

    There are some circumstances in which e3Commerce permits you to use specified e3Commerce Materials without getting e3Commerce’s prior written permission, but only if you comply with the Conditions stated below:

    • The e3Commerce Materials and all copies shall remain at all times the exclusive property of e3Commerce.
    • You must use the e3Commerce Materials without modification (except as may be necessary to resize or otherwise convert the e3Commerce Material to a permitted format).
    • You must include the statement “Used with permission of e3Commerce” in a prominent location.
    • You may not use the e3Commerce Material in any offensive manner or context, for example in a way that is defamatory, disparaging or libelous to, or otherwise presents false or misleading information regarding, e3Commerce or any other party, or its or their products or services; in conjunction with obscene or pornographic material; in a manner that suggests bias based on race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or religion; or in any manner that would be illegal under applicable law.
    • You may not imply any e3Commerce sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement.
    • You may not use the e3Commerce Material for a purpose competitive with e3Commerce or its products unless otherwise clearly permitted by applicable law.
    • You may not use the e3Commerce corporate logo.
    • No use of other e3Commerce trademarks is granted under this section. For information regarding use of e3Commerce trademarks, see trademark
  • How to request e3Commerce’s permission for all other uses of e3Commerce materials

    To request permission to use any other e3Commerce Materials, you must obtain e3Commerce’s permission prior to engaging in a use. Please let us know if you have a deadline. While we cannot commit to responding within any particular time, we will consider your deadline when possible.