Understand the insights of Enterprise Resource Planning

Web based ERP Solutions are the IN thing in the market and companies of different sizes and from different industries are in the process to replace their legacy systems with integrated solutions – The ERP system. The need of web-based ERP solutions for Businesses is well established and there is a shortage of skilled ERP consultants in Pakistan who posses the right knowledge and expertise on ERP solutions.

e3Commerce Training Division is addressing this need by offering a course on Enterprise Resource Planning with hands-on experience on real web-based ERP solution in the market.  This course would be conducted in an environment where trainees can learn about the ERP software with industry’s best practices & standards.

It is a course that will cover

  •   The basics of Enterprise Resource Planning
  •   Features & Benefits of an ERP
  •   Core enterprise automation concepts & Business Process Flows

and more; all of which form part of the knowledge it takes to become an ERP Consultant


No such practical course available in the market, so it’s the first of its kind

No such company, having its own web based ERP, provides training

Have extensive experience in the IT industry with Experienced Trainer having more than 20 years and believe in sharing our experience with the upcoming professionals

Course is a mixture of stand-up instruction, guided discussions, and individual and group exercises which are used to deliver a very practically-oriented learning outcome

Help you to LEARN what are the ERP business functions in an organization and how these business functions presented in a software solution


Provides a deep understanding of a real ERP solution and be able to provide consultancy for Enterprise Resource Planning

Exposure to all the standards business processes of Enterprise Resource Management and to a real professional ERP software

ERP knowledge enhancement. Equip you with the skills & knowledge that enables you to stand out of the crowd

Be able to work in your organization in any business area and can easily use the software for that business function

Be able to understand and use ERP software solution. Get hands-on experience through an enterprise level ERP system, IntelliERP Enterprise Edition

Add a valuable asset in your CV for competing job market. Opens up high class career opportunities & increases career growth


Core Concepts : 20%

Group Discussions : 10%

Assignments : 20%

Practical Work : 50%



  •   For registration, contact through info@e3commerce.net
  •   Registration on first come first serve basis


  •   Likely to be Concluded in 32 hours
  •   2 hrs 30 min session, three times a week (alternate days)